3 Great Garden Design Ideas

Here are some great gardening design ideas to suit every look, from country cottage to urban gardens.

Country Locale

You can combine the contemporary style with its countryside background. You can plant something that’s more dependable on texture and shape instead of color.

For country setting, you can use plants such as –

Plants should be chosen as per the shape and foliage effect. Contrasting-styled plants can be situated next to each other for creating a better visual appeal.

Shady Area

You can keep 10-sq-ft border garden area, which is supported by cherry laurel and high stone wall. You can choose plants with odd splash of shades, such as Gazania and TaxusBaccata that would complement the design of the adjacent garden.

City Garden

You can choose soft red bricks for city-based and color-themed gardening and that could be a blend of mauve, pink, and crimson. You can choose Salix with light green leaves to create an ideal neutral setting of the rich colors.